Family Law Attorneys On What Constitutes Cheating

According to legal experts, cheating in the family is a violation of physical and emotional exclusivity that bonds together those couples in a committed relationship. However, there are some issues and loopholes on what constitutes cheating in a marriage as what have been discussed by family law attorneys in places like Charlotte NC.

One family law attorney believes that adultery is the matter that gives ground for divorce. Nevertheless, there are other forms of cheating that applies to various types of committed relationships, whether bound by marriage or not and whether heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Visit website for more details.

Family law attorneys in locations like Charlotte NC have ruled out that through history, the concept of adultery has gone through a lot of changes. These changes include the difficulty of defining what is considered cheating and what is passing off as not. Experts believe that the traditional meaning of adultery is sexual intercourse of a married person to another person who is not part of the marriage. If unfaithfulness or cheating should have a sexual act involved, then those accused of this form is considered cheating. This is the traditional way to define what cheating is, according to family law attorneys in many areas such as Charlotte NC.

Nonetheless, many courts are not uniform in deciding for this issue with some saying that even without proof of sexual activity; this act is tantamount to cheating or adultery. In Alabama, the Supreme Court had ruled out on the case wherein a female admitted she had sexual relations with the partner and not sexual intercourse with the man.

  • ne family lawyer reportedly represented a man previously whose wife was having an affair with the same-sex that has been passed off as adultery. Adultery, during that time, was defined as extra-marital sexual act, but does not involve lesbian acts. But the lawyer argued that no matter as to whether the parties engaged in homosexual and heterosexual cheating, it would still fall under adultery. The New York provisions had then ruled out years after this case that adultery also constitutes homosexual cheating. Though courts fully admit that it does not condone homosexuality, but anything done outside of marriage, whether with a homosexual or heterosexual partner will still be adultery.

Also, recent court rulings have defined cheating as something that does not necessarily need to have a sexual activity with the person outside of marriage. Family lawyers in places like Charlotte NC believe that a person cheats when he or she shares intimate relationships with a non-partner and violates the exclusivity of the relationship. For more info, follow the given link.